For the title of this blog I borrow from Montaigne’s stated purpose in his essays: to make a record of his character and his humours. While I do not intend to emulate the great man, I do intend, rather, to warn the reader of my own indulgence in these pages. I write here entirely for my own amusement. I am thrilled if I gain readers but, on the whole, I am not going to curl up with a moist nostril if they do not come.

This blog is intended as a record of my reading, writing, and thinking. When I imagine the reader, he or she is much like me. Thus, the reader will enjoy reviews of books, long literary essays, amusements, reflections on travels. The reader does not like traditional travel blogs, nor mere ‘opinions’, but knowledge too. The reader might also enjoy the occasional experiment in fiction. 

In the interests of the reader’s attention — proving at last that I do care  — blog posts will appear at a regular rate (after the initial publications) and between 800 and 1500 words. Long essays and stories will be divided over several weeks according to this rule. 

Like Montaigne at his estate, I shall avoid contemporary politics. That is, I shall avoid sharing my opinion about it with the reader. Internet scraps do not interest me. Inevitably my preferences will slip into the text. Preferences, however, will change overtime, along with taste, moods, and interests. But, since this is above all a record of my humours, I cannot promise consistency. The only promise I can make is that I shall endeavor to write well.

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